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Studio Photos from week 5

May 7th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Corey's Orange AdidasWe brought the camera with for our week 5 podcast with UNEDA (to be posted soon).

My “Vibrant” Orange Adidas arrived so I naturally gave them a trial run in the studio. I’ll be sporting these at the Interop conference and UNEDA meetings in a couple of weeks, too.

All of the Vibrant staff attending (Corey, Bill, Kevin and Lindsi) will have some variety of stylish orange on their toes so that people can pick us out of the crowd…

Bill Keefe (pictured below) doesn’t have his orange shoes yet, but they’re on their way. They’re (almost) as nice as my Adidas. Nonetheless, he was excited to be my co-host for week 5 and was a natural on the microphone.

Bill Keefe Co-hosts

Lindsi Gish, our producer, managed the technical side on her own this week as the studio manager was out of town. Murphy’s law prevailed and technical issues arose, but Lindsi did a great job fixing everything and we only started 10 minutes late. The guests were very patient while Lindsi was troubleshooting the setup. Nice save Lindsi!

Lindsi troubleshoots

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